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Sep 21, Select a branch for cutting from a cherry tree that is less than five years old. Cuttings from older cherry trees should be taken from the youngest branches.

Cherry trees are members of the stone fruit family. The tree that grows from the cherry pit will not resemble the parent plant. May 31, Join Prairie Plantgirl as I take cuttings from my cherry tree.

I'll show you what I do to prepare the cuttings and plant them to promote root development. Apr 25, Just be careful not to allow fungus to take hold.

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That's why everything should be sterile. To get top humidity, cover the pot with a plastic bag loosely. Devise some way to do it. Sometimes have it sealed, other times loose, and once in awhile remove it. Mist the leaves daily!

Strip leaves from the lower two-thirds of the branch.

twice or 3 times a day. In August or so you can try SEMI HARDWOOD CUTTINGS. Apr 15, Having tried this (unsuccessfully) with"spring cuttings" (friends were moving and leaving their house with cherry tree, so it was then or never) my research into it suggested taking cuttings in the fall and letting them develop roots over the winter as being much more likely to succeed.

May 28, Take the cutting when the blooms are faded and the tree is fruiting in the summer. From a new, less-thanyear-old branch, cut an 8-inch twig.

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