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Firespike By Photo by David J.

Large Shrubs Another crape myrtle that turns red is the “Red Rocket” (Lagerstroemia indica “Whit IV”). A foot-tall shrub is the “Velvet Cloak” smoke bush (Cotinus coggygria “Velvet Cloak”) with large sprays of pink flowers and deep purple leaves throughout the summer until they turn red in the fall.

Keeping this in consideration, what Bush turns bright red in the fall? Peking cotoneaster (Cotoneaster acutifolius) grows sprawling branches covered with dark-green leaves that turn red in the fall.

This 8- to foot-tall bush produces tiny white and pink flowers, which turn into red berries by fall. Jan 31, Red Maple.

Found through most of the state, the native red maple (Acer rubrum) grows in wet areas but can be grown in the landscape if given adequate irrigation. The vibrant red fall foliage is eye-catching and come spring, red maple puts on a show. Jul 31, Many gardeners appreciate Shumard oak for its interesting foliage. It features traditional oak-shaped leaves that are dark green throughout most of the year. Then in fall and winter, the 4- to 8-inch leaves turn a brilliant red or red-orange before falling to the ground.

Cut back shrubs grown primarily for their foliage, such as barberry and burning bush, almost anytime except in late autumn.

For optimal fall foliage it likes full sun. If it is in partial shade it won’t have the brilliant red color. In shade the leaves might be more pinkish. The burning bushes start turning red in late summer to late fall. So if your bush grows in full sun you might still have your red bush. Full sun means that sun shines on your bush.

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