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Is my cutting a goner?

A rubber plant losing leaves can also be caused by a change in light conditions. Keep the plant within a few feet of a sunny window. Rubber Plants don’t like hot direct sun, but they can handle two to four hours of gentler rays early or late in the day.

Variegated varieties need bright light Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. Although it is normal for a few leaves to fall off rubber tree plants during the seasonal change from summer to fall, excessive leaf loss indicates a problem. If your rubber tree plant seems to be losing lots of leaves for no apparent reason, you need to investigate and address potential issues with light, temperature, moisture, pests and treechop.pwg: Tavares FL.

Rubber tree leaves most often fall for cultural reasons. A sudden flurry of leaves dropped by a rubber tree plant can eliminate a large portion of the plant's foliage. Often, the problem is one of lack of adjustment, but occasionally, the plant is being neglected or killed with kindness.

You now have the help of Leaf and Paw.

Video of the DayMissing: Tavares FL. Nov 22, Rubber tree fleshy leaves are akin to succulents that store water in their leaves, so too much water will cause leaves to become spongy and fall Missing: Tavares FL. Jan 13, Older leaves turning yellow is a sign of over-watering a rubber plant. The soil was totally dry initially, but the plant was feeling healthy.

Planning ahead for the holiday break, I watered from above, too much at once. The water intake wasn't homogeneous Missing: Tavares FL. Jul 14, This is why it is important to be consistent in your care of a rubber plant. Rubber plants prefer bright indirect light and fare best when they are kept in temperatures in the 65 to 80 F. (18 to 27 C.) range. Yellowing leaves on a rubber plant could also be a sign that it is pot bound so you may want to consider repotting your rubber plant.

And yes, be sure to keep the cutting moist while it acclimates to soil.

Select a new pot, with adequate drainage, that is sizes Missing: Tavares FL. Jan 03, Hi, I’m from Philippines I follow what you advice on how to propagate the rubber tree stem cutting.

I already have 3 stem cutting of Rubber tree burgundy and all of them have a branches, I think per stem have a 6 or more than new branches but all of them are small, maybe inches. It has been 2 weeks and 2 Days inside of plastic treechop.pwg: Tavares FL.

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