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Early frosts can surprise the plant before sugars have been moved to the roots for.

Harvesting of chestnuts is traditionally done with hand labor, which, in small orchards, may be more efficient than mechanical harvesting.

Pruning. Chestnuts bear on the bisexual catkins (slim, cylindrical flower clusters), which are located near the base of the current years shoot growth.

The new flushes of growth occur in areas of sunlight, at the tips of branches. Pruning should maximize the amount of sunlight available to a Dec 15, In Northwest Florida, a February pruning is usually most desirable, depending on the season’s average high temperatures.

Pruning for shape is also done in the summer months if necessary.

Grafted trees begin to bear in two to four years, and seedlings will bear in five to seven years.

This task should be limited to removing excessive growth and dead / diseased treechop.pwted Reading Time: 5 mins. Nov 19, Today, gardeners can plant Chinese chestnut trees, which are blight-resistant. Chinese chestnuts grow best in the northern half of Florida. Plant grafted trees in moderately acidic, well-drained soil where they'll get lots of sun.

AU-Cropper, AU-Leader, AU-Homestead, and Black Beauty are suitable Chinese chestnuts. You should only remove 10 to 20 percent of the tree branches from the edge of the canopy. Large trees benefit from removing end portions of limbs between 1 to 4 inches in diameter. Small ornamental landscape trees and fruit trees can be thinned by removing smaller limbs between ¼ to ½ inch thick.

Jan 15, Pruning. The trees should be pruned either in the early spring before the sap starts to flow or in the fall after the leaves have dropped. Low branches should be removed, as well as crowded or crossing branches. As the tree matures, pruning every three to five years will help keep it. Feb 05, On their acre spread, the Wallaces have 50, chestnut trees. Theirs is the only commercial chestnut orchard in the country - outside acres in.

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