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Foodie40 Posts:

} 12 years ago. I bought a small (maybe 10in tall) olive tree a month ago, and now there is lots of new growth but as the leaves unfurl they dry up and fall off. It gets at least 4 hours of direct sunlight (through the window) and bright light the rest of the day. The plant is in a little four inch pot with a fast draining soil- i water infrequently (when the soil has thoroughly dried) I have never fertilized it.

Dec 14, Olive trees with dry, falling leaves may be suffering from water issues or a disease. Olives are not prone to many diseases, but there are a few. My husband was given an olive tree several years ago. At one point I thought it had died, it lost all of its leaves and there was no green in the small branches, so I put it in a bucket intending to chuck it out but never got around to.

After a wet and cold winter spent in a frozen then overflowing bucket the little tree sprung back to life!!! Apr 01, Make sure your not over watering it, olive trees like to be on the dry side, if you think it needs watering leave it another week (and dont soak it). Remember, Olives are mediteranean plants, they like plenty of sunlight. They ususaly drop some/most of their leaves this time of year. You should start seeng new growth around March time.

The trees are free to Safety Harbor residents and businesses. For more information contact Ira Padgett, City Arborist Safety Harbor FL ext Street Tree Planting Program. The City of Safety Harbor has a street tree planting program where we plant street trees in front yards, at the request of residents. Leaves are dropping in winter naturally as part of the olive tree grow cycle. so don't stress about it if few leaves are dropping and new leaves are showing up.

Do not over-water. You should water the tree infrequently but deep and the soil should not be moisture or damp. Mar 10, Step 2: Using sharp gardening shears, snip off a healthy 8-inch branch from a mature olive tree.

I shall be very interested to what replies you get.

Make sure you cut it about an inch or so below a leaf node, and then remove all leaves. Oct 28, The olive cultivation faces different pests and professional farmer must learn to identify the causes of various olive tree preventive control and the application of selective treatments against olive tree pests will help us keep our productive and healthy olive.

Although the total eradication of pests and diseases of the olive tree is technically and economically. Indoor olive trees are susceptible to scale, so watch for signs of these sap-sucking insects. If needed, treat the tree by spraying with insecticidal soap.

Your tree probably won’t set fruit indoors. It needs best time to trim trees, Kathleen FL drop in daytime and nighttime temperatures, as well as about two months of temperatures below 50 degree F to stimulate flowering.

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