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It is very similar to the act of transplanting most other bushes or shrubs.

Jun 01, How to Transplant a Lilac. If you are wondering how to transplant a lilac, your first big step is to select a sunny location for the new site.

Then prepare the soil well. You can maximize success with moving lilac shrubs – either the smaller sprouts or the large mature shrub – by rototilling the soil and mixing in aged compost. Prepare a large area for the plant before you begin digging out the treechop.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins. Jun 22, It is very similar to the act of transplanting most other bushes or shrubs.

Transplanting lilac bushes should always be done in the autumn months. Transplanting lilac bushes in warmer, windier weather will increase the likelihood of the root system drying out.

The first step is to dig around the plant and fairly treechop.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins. May 02, 1. Decide where you want to transplant the lilac bush or bushes. 2. Dig a hole that's about one foot deep by one foot across for each bush you want to transplant.

Going forward, fertilize your lilac only with natural products such as compost and then only sparingly.

3. Dig up a lilac shoot from somewhere around the main bush. Lilacs spread by runners. Use a shovel to dig up the shoot because you are going to have to cut off the runner, and a trowel will not be tough enough to do the.

If you live in an area where the ground does not freeze, then you might also transplant suckers in late winter. Push straight down with a sharp garden spade between the suckers and parent to sever the stolon -- the root that connects them. Make your cuts 8 to 10 inches from each sucker. Dig around roughly six suckers until you can pick them up.

Aug 24, Moving a large lilac is a multi-month project. A lilac tree root ball size extends beyond the visible trunk and branches of the shrub.

Watch for new buds on the branches the following spring.

The University of Georgia. To improve the flowering of lilacs, keep the grass from growing around them. A to inch circle of landscape cloth placed around the bushes and covered with bark or stone will keep the grass down. Force tree feller 1.12 2, Ocala FL winter bouquet from cut branches of lilac.

Bruise the cut ends and set them in water. The Best Time to Uproot & Transfer a Bush. Moving is difficult for people and plants alike. When you move, you leave behind your friends in the old neighborhood, but most transplanted bushes must. Blooms can be red, orange, yellow, and white from summer to fall. Croton. Crotons are shrubs that can grow up to six feet. They require a temperature that is higher than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and they also like a bit of humidity.

They do best in well-draining soil.

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