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Feb 25, Three to four inches of organic mulch like hardwood or cocoa bean hulls applied around a plant or tree, but not touching it, is ideal for suppressing weeds, Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. But when it comes to mulch, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Piling mulch too high and covering a tree's trunk, also known as “volcano mulching” can cause decay.

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Problems Caused by Mulch That’s Too Thick Around Trees. When mulch is too high and sits too close to a tree’s trunk, it causes two main issues that can slowly damage your tree over time. Problem: Too much mulch smothers the tree’s. Many people mulch too deeply. They either apply way too much to begin with or pile new mulch atop last year's mulch that hasn't fully decomposed. So instead of the desired 2 to 3-inch layer, the layer grows to 6 inches, 8 inches, and even 10 inches deep.

Here's a typical"mulch volcano.".

Inorganic mulches, such as crushed rock or brick chips, suppress weeds and may be more aesthetically pleasing, but Wayne K.

Too Much Mulch Invites The Spread of Disease. Putting down too much mulch can cause too much moisture to be retained, either in the soil or in the mulch. When a thick layer of mulch is piled too close to plants, this will lead to fungal and bacterial diseases. May 13, A"mulch volcano” occurs when mulch is piled up year after year on the base of a tree.

Mulch piled up at the base of a tree is detrimental and starves the roots of needed oxygen. Cut up-growing roots with pruners. Up-growing roots can wrap around the base of the tree Views: K. Sep 21, Spread the tarp nearby the work area to hold the soil and grass as you remove it. Use the shovel to remove the top layer of grass and soil from around the base of the oak tree.

Place the soil and grass onto the tarp. Remove enough grass and soil so that the mulch layer will be between 2 and 4 inches deep. Leave a 2-inch-wide border around the.

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